Makers is...

Crafts, curios, collectables, antiques, vintage... We love things with personality, crafts made locally, and objects that have a story behind them.

We're expanding! And it's not just because of the fantastic cakes from Tea With Percie next door. Over the summer we'll be closed from August 8th to August 28th, while we break through the ceiling into the first floor (soon to be the fabulous "Diamonds & Frogs") and the second floor, which will become "Quick Press Gallery". More Makers. More Making. More Art. What's not to like?

We like to make (and remake) things! At Makers you'll find all sorts of interesting curiosities and unusual gifts. And if you're looking for something really personal, we can help you to make it! We run workshops where you can learn crafty new skills to create a unique gift or memento.

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Opening Times

The shop is open

We also run workshops in the evenings.

Workshops at Makers

Have a go at making!

Inspired by the things you see in our shop?
We host workshops run by the crafters who make them.

Develop your making skills at our fun workshops
...and meet like-minded people!

We can also arrange workshops specially for you & your friends.
Take a look at workshops we've run previously
to get some crafty ideas!